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Coding And Robotics For Boys
Mr. Chris Hanas at High Technology High School

We'll update this information in early 2019.

Come Join Us
This program will be  a hands on adventure into the worlds of computer science and robotics.  You will be exposed to fundamental coding methods which you will use to control a VEX robot and an Arduino prototyping board.  You need to be curious and interested in exploring.  You do not need any previous coding experience.

This class will operate out of High Technology High School located in Lincroft, NJ.  Mr. Hanas will be teaching the course assisted by his team of TAs who are not only HTHS students but also members of the school’s competitive VEX teams and Robotics and Coding club.

What's going to happen?
Most importantly, we want to encourage your passion and enjoyment in coding and robotics!  The schedule for the course is as follows:

Day 1:  You will be introduced to the MIT Scratch programming language, which, will be used to cover basic coding concepts such as variables, loops, lists and will even allow you to animate graphics!

Day 2 - Day 3:  Introduction to the VEX Robotics System.  During this two-day overview of robotics, you will use the coding concepts learned on Day 1 to control a VEX robot that you will build in class!  You will program the robot using a language called RobotC and at the conclusion of this unit will engage in a mini-competition.

Day 4:  You will learn how to control an Arduino prototyping board with coding.  This will include the fundamentals of building a circuit with a breadboard and how to control various components such as diodes and sensors.

Day 5:  This will be a capstone day where you will expand upon a topic of your choice (Scratch, VEX, Arduino) in order to develop a coding and/or robotics creation of your own!

Dates and Times
Our program will meet for one week, Monday - Friday, from July 16-20, 2018. Classes will meet from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM at High Technology High School on the Brookdale Community College Campus.

Students must provide their own transportation to and from HTHS. Students should bring their own snacks and lunch.  Students may alternatively purchase lunch at the Brookdale Community College cafeteria.

Mr. Hanas, an engineering and computer science teacher at High Technology High School, will lead the course.

Application Deadline
The on-line application deadline is June 26.  Deadline extended!  We will send out "rolling acceptance emails" during the spring. Final acceptances will be sent on June 30 via email.

Tuition for the five day course is $300.

The program is open to boys who will have completed the 6th  or 7th grade by June, 2018. Students must have earned a B or better in the current year's science course.

Application Process
Please fill out the on-line application. We'll send you an email acknowledgement that we received it.